Does indifference attract women/men?

Some say it is key factor in attraction, some other think it is useless. What do you think?
107 Months Ago
Yes it Deeply Depends on the Indifference that a Woman is Seeking in that Man and If She is Wanting a New Out Look in Life and are Tired of the Same olde Charateristics! Then Yes it Does make a Very Good Difference in her Life and His Too if the Mna is Willing to Communicate, Share All.
106 Months Ago
Maybe... It could be fun to tease like that yet for some people that could be misinterpreted as a *Go away!* message!
102 Months Ago
Being "indifferent" is nothing more than playing games and you are right Red Ribbon, it could turn someone you are interested in away. Indifference sends the message "I don't care". We all need everyone in our lives to care about us.
101 Months Ago
depends ob context. If the indifference is a reaction to a uninvited come-on, however, one must be careful not to take a snub as an invitation.These games can be frustrating, but it's best to err on the side of taking one at face value, rather than letting one's ego make a fool of you.
93 Months Ago
ugh...i cant stand games
66 Months Ago
Yes, it does, I would want some-one who is differnt and had other interest other than mine. The beauty of learning something from the person you want to get to know,, PLO, Steve

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